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Greets and thanks for visiting. You can view my UI portfolio here and my print/illustration portfolio here or read below for a little more information.


I am currently based in London specialising in Visual Design for Google. I love solving challenges of UI design to create beautiful and delightful user experiences. My writing on the trends in iOS design was featured in top 50 'The Best of Medium' and my product design concept for an iOS GoogleTalk app was featured on App Design Served on Behance.

Previously, I have spent the last 6 years working as, specialising in record cover artwork, branding of SMBs & charities and illustrations. I was featured in Creative Review twice and have created tutorials for both Computer Arts and Digital Arts magazines on how I create my work. My illustrations are being sold in various formats by Urban Outfitters. I have lived in both Berlin and Buenos Aires for over a year each where I worked with clients in different sectors and fell in love with both cities. I have also curated and exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions such as ArteBA, South America's largest art fair.

I DJ here and there and have a something of an obsession for music. I run a radio show on Meattransmission called Music From A Sunny Place covering afrobeat, disco, funk, outernational, latin, cumbia and generally good vibes from all over the planet.


Feb 2012


Senior Visual Designer

One of the most exciting technology start-ups in the sector and a leader of their field, I've worked from early on to develop the brand and was the lead designer on both the iOS and iPad applications. I lead product and UI design on the Android platform, seeing the process through from conception, to pixel perfect assets to production.


Freelance Designer

I worked with a variety of clients over the years and ended up specialising in work for the music industry, being sought after for many record covers. I've received press and acclaim from industry voices such as Creative Review, Digital Arts, Computer Arts, Fox Is Black, Design Work Life, Design You Trust and many more for my unique and surreal style. I have also been commissioned to produce various tutorials and workshops on how I create my work.
April 2007
September 2007



JuTojo are a small, critically acclaimed studio in Berlin where I interned and worked on a variety of projects from documentation for the French Embassy, record covers for Sonar Kollektiv to projecting visuals of my artwork 30ft+ high onto the ceiling of the Zeiss Grosse Planetarium in Berlin for a live art show/concert.
July 2006
September 2007

Preview Trendforecasting/HotHouse UK

Trend Reporter/Designer

I was commissioned to produce a variety of reports upon the latest developments within design, lifestyle, fashion and nightlife in the Berlin area as well as a series of T-shirt prints and promotional mailers.



Manchester Metropolitan University

BA(hons) Design & Art Direction

I attained a First Class degree and was an involved member of the design department, being featured in Creative Review for my magazine The Proles for 'Best Self-Initiated Projects'.


Feel free to get in touch as I'm always open to discuss projects, commissions or just to shoot the breeze.